Transit Supporters

New Yorkers Agree the Tappan Zee Needs BRT

Over twenty five elected officials, environmental, labor, social justice, and transportation organizations have voiced their support for transit to be built from the start of the new Tappan Zee Bridge project including the following groups. Read on to learn what they are saying.

To date Tarrytown, New Rochelle, Wesley HillsCroton-on-Hudson, Hastings-on-Hudson, Greenburgh, Dobbs Ferry and Yonkers have all passed resolutions calling on the state and federal government to restore transit to this project.

Bike Walk Alliance of Westchester & Putnam
Empire State Future
Environmental Advocates of New York
Federated Conservationists of Westchester County*
Good Jobs New York
Hudson Valley Smart Growth Alliance
League of Women Voters of New York State
MTA Labor Coalition
Natural Resources Defense Council
New York Bicycling Coalition
New York League of Conservation Voters
New York Public Interest Research Group
New York Transportation Equity Alliance
Northern Westchester Energy Action Consortium 
Orange County Citizens Foundation
Reinvent Albany
Scenic Hudson
Sierra Club — Atlantic Chapter
Straphangers Campaign
Transportation Alternatives
Tri-State Transportation Campaign

“As we wrestle with the costs of this project, we must consider our future transportation needs. To that end, it is critical that the new bridge include mass transit options such as bus rapid transit, so that it can sustain increased usage for years to come. This is what’s best for our environment, our economy and our transportation system as a whole.”
State Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins (35th District, Yonkers)

“We need to move more people, not more cars. Moving more cars across the bridge faster will just increase the traffic congestion in Westchester and degrade the environment and quality of life in our Westchester communities.”
Assemblyman Thomas Abinanti (92nd District)

“Let’s do this right from the beginning, and incorporate rapid bus transit into the Tappan Zee Bridge plans from the very start.”
Assemblywoman Amy Paulin (88th District)

“My concern is that they’re going to replace a 1955 bridge with another 1955 bridge, and that won’t do anything to solve the problem. Bus rapid transit, or mass transit, has got to be a part of this new bridge to alleviate some of the concerns that everyone has in this region.”
“If we’re going to fix the problem, fix the problem. Don’t spend $5 or $6 billion… and end up with the same exact problem the minute the bridge opens.”
[We need] “dedicated lanes on the bridge, and then off the bridge — otherwise, you’re going to have buses full of commuters that are just stuck in traffic.”
Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino
October 2011, Capital Tonight

“You can’t just throw a bridge down there and say we’ll build the rest of it later.”
Rockland County Executive C. Scott Vanderhoef
October 2011, Journal News

“It doesn’t make sense to replace a 1950s bridge with a 1980s bridge that is outdated before it even opens. It’s crucial that the new Tappan Zee Bridge has a component for public transportation. We need to encourage people to get out of their cars.”
Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner

“While it is encouraging that the State’s proposal for the TZB contains the capacity for future mass transit, the plan is incomplete without a solid commitment guaranteeing the near-term implementation of a true BRT system. If the project is to be a true engine of future economic growth, it is imperative that it include this vital infrastructure improvement, as it is the one feature that will significantly reduce traffic congestion and therefore speed the flow of goods and people and increase efficiency.”
Tarrytown Mayor Drew Fixell

“The Village of Elmsford is grateful to the President and the Governor for fast tracking the Tappan Zee Bridge project, but we still respectfully request the state try harder to find funding for mass transit on the new bridge. This is essential to decreasing vehicle traffic, which is better for the environment and will prolong the lifespan of the bridge. Further, we believe that transit will bring more business to both sides of the river by enabling people to get to places on both sides more easily.”
Elmsford Mayor Robert Williams

“It is imperative for mass transit to be an integral component of the Tappan Zee II project — from the beginning. “Building the bring without
transit might be more economically expedient, but without transit the new bridge will be obsolete from the very day that it opens.”
Former Nyack Mayor Richard Kavesh

“Since the state and federal government are already planning to spend the time and money to build a new Tappan Zee Bridge, why not get it right the first time?”

“Sustainable and affordable mass transit is more critical than ever to New York’s labor market and economy. By incorporating mass transit features now, New York State can lead the way in design excellence and innovation. We strongly encourage Gov. Cuomo not to miss this once-in-a-generation opportunity and to show the rest of the nation how forward-thinking our state can be.”
Marcia Bystryn, President of the New York League of Conservation Voters

*FCWC and several of the other groups listed also support the commuter rail portion of the state’s preferred alternative plan.